Friday, November 6, 2015

DIY Hand-Painted Globe

I absolutely love how this turned out. Pretty simple too, total cost was less than $15!

I picked up the globe from goodwill for $7. Spray painted the base and holder gold, using a trash bag to cover the globe to make sure I didn't paint over all of the landmarks, still missed some spots, where I had to just freehand later.

If you didn't want to outline the continents or keep the map at all, you could probably just spray without covering up. The next thing I did was take a sharpie and outlined the continents. 

The only tricky part here is determining how general or detailed you want to make the map, I made mine a little bit more detailed than the anthropologie example I was copying, yet still far from geographically correct. I felt a little guilty for just completely eliminating countries and islands, but it is what it is. Next came the painting, I did several coats of each color, this part definitely took the longest but ended up working well. 

I used a pencil to initially write the words. No, that's a lie, I asked my sister to do that because she has super cute hand writing. I then traced the pencil with a gold paint pen and VOILA!