Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to School Gifts :)

Last year I made each of my sisters one of these picture boards, as a "going back to school" gift.
I loved how they turned out and was so excited to see them in their rooms when I went to visit.

While we were in Atlanta a few weeks ago the question came up "what are you going to make us this year?"
As a person who loves 1. gift giving and 2. trying new projects
I jumped on researching right away!
And found this project for them

Love. It.
I knew finding cute yet solid frames for a low price would be difficult, so I quickly started scouring Craigslist, only to find over-priced, ugly, and disappointing :/

Anyways, Tuesday I was going to see my new Columbia doctor for a check up and on my way passed a Salvation Army Thrift Store. I stopped in and it was wonderful!
No, it wasn't Nordstrom wonderful, but for 2.99 each I was able to score these two very solid {albeit a little on the mangled side} wooden frames!

I plan to use this cute {very light pink} floral fabric as a background

And spray the frame, hooks, and screening with a light turquoise color :)

On top of that excitement, I finally finished THE tablecloth!
Love it. Love love love it!

Peyton does too, can't you tell? :)

Anyways, tomorrow we are headed back to Atlanta for this wonderful friend's wedding and some 4th of July celebrating!

Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The How-to's of Throw Pillows {for and from a beginner}

Call me a perfectionist or just one with too much time on my hands, but I really do think throw pillows can make or break a room.

Eco chick living eclectic living room

I thought it would be easy to make pillow covers, I knew my colors, all I had to do was find some fabrics I liked and make them.... I was SO wrong!

We have a sort of mild nautical/beach theme going on in our living room. Which pretty much means I love navy blue and red and with those two colors the theme would either come out nautical or 4th of July, so we opted for nautical :) We definitely don't have a perfectly themed room, we are decorating with what we have, which makes the pillow fabrics even more important in pulling the room together, instead of apart!

Here is what I am working with:

5 pillows for the sofa and 2 for the arm chair

I'm going to recover all of the pillows, except the one with the red ticking

eventually we will slipcover the arm chair
{but haven't decided if I will try to make or just buy one}

Here are some tips I found so your sofa will be your own, and not look like it just popped out of a cheesy furniture store!

1. Depending on the look, shape, and size you will want 3-5 throw pillows for a sofa. Traditional looks should be more organized, usually using an even number of pillows. For a more modern or eclectic look, try going odd.

Light saturated living room  living room

Living Room Chic eclectic living room

2. Try to refer to other pieces in the room, do you have splashy drapes with a muted sofa? Add some coordinating splashy pillows. A print on a chair or ottoman? Consider adding a pillow with that fabric to the sofa to tie the room together.

Family Room contemporary family room

Megan Smythe Design traditional family room

3. Make sure the throw pillow pattern pulls out at least one color already in your room. You can mix and match, as long as there is a common thread tying everything together

Sunflower Creation traditional living room

Montana mix eclectic living room

4. Make sure you have at least a pair of matching pillows. When mixing colors and textures it is important not to completely eliminate order, and using the same fabric in two places is a good way to maintain that.

The Little House on Cape Cod/Becky Harris eclectic family room

5. Try to mix and match textures and patterns with styles and looks, the idea is to creatively coordinate, and almost tell a story, not to end up with a bland cookie cutter room.

Signature Properties Model Home II traditional bedroom

Real Simple has some great simple guidelines here
For more intermediate info visit here

Had to add just one more because I LOVE Serena and Lily! :)Link
I hope that was helpful,
I know I will definitely be using some of these rules of thumb and photo inspiration to pull things together :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Pretty Lazy Summer Day :)

LinkAs her dad was walking her down the aisle

Katherine was stunning and seemed so carefree and joyful the entire night. We had such a wonderful time and are SO excited to add Derek to the family!

The decorations and food were beautiful as well!

They used sunflowers for the centerpieces... LOVE!

Amazing homemade bread!

The weekend was packed full of fun and good family time :)
It was so packed full, upon returning home {very sleep deprived}, we were both in bed with a movie at 7:30, and asleep by 9... definitely one for the books!

Today has been a sluggish one, to say the least. Trying to reset my sleep schedule and cleanse all of the sugar and other goodies out of my system is not an easy task!

However, I have managed to select a number of different fabric ideas for living room pillow covers.

More info and larger pictures here.

And also, pick out fabric for the Christmas projects I want to get done this summer before Physical Therapy school starts!

More info here

Here are the projects I really hope to finish!

Amy Butler Design's free tree skirt pattern

My own {more casual} version of Pottery Barn's Christmas stockings

Our book shelf is finally finished and loaded. I am sure I will continue to move things around, but I am SO happy to have things settled!

The tablecloth is in the process of being completed. I had planned on just sewing two pieces of fabric together, easy peasy, but once I did that and put it on the table, the seam down the middle looked absolutely horrendous! So, now I plan to have a single piece of fabric going down the center of the table, with seams on either side. I hope to FINALLY complete the sewing today or tomorrow :)

Until then, I need to go study the skeletal system to take an online medical terminology test tonight. I LOVE studying this stuff and can't wait to start classes in the fall!

Friday, June 24, 2011

...Gonna Get Married :)

Yet another wedding weekend! Headed to Atlanta for my wonderful sister-in-law's wedding this weekend.

I am SO excited for them both and can't wait to see her as a beautiful bride! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is The Day! :)

This is the day the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Psalm 118:24

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joy > Perfection

As I have looked over my last few blog posts, I felt convicted that all I ever talk about are things I am excited about or joyful about. In the blogging world it is easy to disconnect from reality and seek perfection or try and portray it. While joy and excitement are pretty natural reflections of my personality, I don't want to ever try and portray myself and my life as perfect or unflawed.

I enjoy life and people with my whole heart, not perfectly, but to the best of my ability, thanks to the never-ending grace of God.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

That being said, our projects are still in progress, there were bumps in the road, {most} of which we maneuvered pretty well :)

As beginners in painting, we went into this endeavor pretty blind, other than my online research, which later went to show that oftentimes, street smarts are much better than book smarts!

Most of our frustrations were caused by under-knowledgeable Lowe's sales associates.
We ended up buying a gallon of paint we did not need, which on our home improvement budget was SUCH a bummer, but all in all our wall is blue and I LOVE it.

We definitely had tons of laughs and fun though :)

Our painting extravaganza went a bit like this:

Thursday: Went to Lowe's to purchase what we needed for the project. {The sales associate sold us a gallon of regular paint, after we had told him exactly what the project we were attempting was and the materials we needed}

Saturday morning: We began painting the wall, however, we were dragging the brush through the paint to no avail because the paint dried too quickly :( After a few tries, I ran out to Sherwin Williams seeking answers. The man that helped me there was able to 1. clearly explain the issue to me and 2. tell me exactly which products I needed to go to Lowe's to get to finish our project. Sherwin Williams gets two thumbs up from me!
{Stopped at a Krispy Kreme on my way home to help remedy my sweet husband's frustration... because, yes, we had many moments of very non-perfect communication}

Saturday Afternoon: We took a break from all of that, put our attitudes back in the right place, and headed back to Lowe's. We purchased the correct GLAZE (because we did not need paint at all) choosing a shade lighter than we had wanted, because at this point our wall was completely painted our initial dark blue. The glaze worked perfectly! We did our vertical lines alone the whole wall, ate dinner, and then went to see the movie Midnight in Paris
{which I did not absolutely love, but definitely enjoyed, and did love having a date night :)}

Dragging the brush, top to bottom, and back to the top
His 6'6" height on our 8 foot ceilings really helped!

Rolling the glaze in sections

Sunday Afternoon: We FINALLY finished the wall with the horizontal lines!
Although, the wall does not look as intended, the linen finish does add a subtle depth and seems to soften the wall. {yay!}

In conclusion,
1. I HIGHLY recommend using Sherwin Williams for painting projects, especially faux finishes
2. When working with the correct materials, the linen finish was not difficult, or very time consuming, with two people {thank you, babe}

Aren't they handsome?

Sunday was wonderful, Peyton gave his father a Colts cup, because his namesake is Peyton Manning, and he knows how much his dad loves the Colts ;)

We are SO close to being put together! I can't wait! Just the shelves to paint and we can put the brushes away for awhile!

Pillow covers are very much needed too, I am just having the hardest time deciding on fabric. Hope I can find the perfect fit soon! :)

Happy Wednesday :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer is Almost Officially Here!

Here it is, my beautiful fabric, home safe and sound. And ready to be made into a cute summer table cloth!

I can't wait to have it on the table, but other projects must come first for the sake of our sanity in our small space.

Peyton and I have been painting since yesterday afternoon. We have primed the book shelf and ice chest (end table) and are almost finished applying a base of cream paint to both pieces. Which we are planning on covering with white paint and {possibly} distressing.

{our current mess and new wall color being tested in the background}

Everything was going really well until Peyton decided to take a nap on the drop cloth, thankfully only one side of his face got painted {he still looks cute and guilty as can be}

Tomorrow is going to be a full day! We bought some paint and are going to try to paint a natural linen finished accent wall using Valspar Deep Twilight Blue.

{Deep Twilight Blue}

{Natural Linen Finish}

We will also be completing the white coat on the book shelf and ice chest, depending on how determined we are...

My husband is a perfectionist, so I know he will not rest until our wall looks wonderful {praise the Lord!} but on the down side, he might not be up for another project in the same day :P

I just hope hope hope that by Sunday our apartment will no longer look like a construction zone, but a peaceful, sane, and settled apartment
...ready for sewing ;)
I guess we will see.
I hope you enjoy your last weekend of Spring in 2011!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Currently Love:

Reusable Polycarbonate Straws!

They are SO cute and happy
did you know you drink more quickly when you drink through a straw?


fill your cute little tervis with some H2O and get sipping! :)

Pottery Barn

My Family is Wonderful :)

They made the trip from Atlanta to stay for less than 36 hours!
During that short time my husband and dad made this book case

{from scratch.. using an old door for the sides... yay!}
{and jump starting our painting and project plans}

We spent the morning exploring historic Charleston

{I turned into quite the little shutter bug}

And the afternoon at Isle of Palms beach.

Not to mention my mom brought all of the food already prepared, giving us more time to enjoy each other over yummy dinners and desserts.

{and it gave me an excuse to break out the new dinnerware!}

We had such a great time full of tons of laughs!
I am so blessed to have such supportive parents, wonderful sisters, and a loving husband willing to host everyone in our little one bedroom :)

I know we made memories I will always remember!