Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer is Almost Officially Here!

Here it is, my beautiful fabric, home safe and sound. And ready to be made into a cute summer table cloth!

I can't wait to have it on the table, but other projects must come first for the sake of our sanity in our small space.

Peyton and I have been painting since yesterday afternoon. We have primed the book shelf and ice chest (end table) and are almost finished applying a base of cream paint to both pieces. Which we are planning on covering with white paint and {possibly} distressing.

{our current mess and new wall color being tested in the background}

Everything was going really well until Peyton decided to take a nap on the drop cloth, thankfully only one side of his face got painted {he still looks cute and guilty as can be}

Tomorrow is going to be a full day! We bought some paint and are going to try to paint a natural linen finished accent wall using Valspar Deep Twilight Blue.

{Deep Twilight Blue}

{Natural Linen Finish}

We will also be completing the white coat on the book shelf and ice chest, depending on how determined we are...

My husband is a perfectionist, so I know he will not rest until our wall looks wonderful {praise the Lord!} but on the down side, he might not be up for another project in the same day :P

I just hope hope hope that by Sunday our apartment will no longer look like a construction zone, but a peaceful, sane, and settled apartment
...ready for sewing ;)
I guess we will see.
I hope you enjoy your last weekend of Spring in 2011!

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