Monday, June 27, 2011

A Pretty Lazy Summer Day :)

LinkAs her dad was walking her down the aisle

Katherine was stunning and seemed so carefree and joyful the entire night. We had such a wonderful time and are SO excited to add Derek to the family!

The decorations and food were beautiful as well!

They used sunflowers for the centerpieces... LOVE!

Amazing homemade bread!

The weekend was packed full of fun and good family time :)
It was so packed full, upon returning home {very sleep deprived}, we were both in bed with a movie at 7:30, and asleep by 9... definitely one for the books!

Today has been a sluggish one, to say the least. Trying to reset my sleep schedule and cleanse all of the sugar and other goodies out of my system is not an easy task!

However, I have managed to select a number of different fabric ideas for living room pillow covers.

More info and larger pictures here.

And also, pick out fabric for the Christmas projects I want to get done this summer before Physical Therapy school starts!

More info here

Here are the projects I really hope to finish!

Amy Butler Design's free tree skirt pattern

My own {more casual} version of Pottery Barn's Christmas stockings

Our book shelf is finally finished and loaded. I am sure I will continue to move things around, but I am SO happy to have things settled!

The tablecloth is in the process of being completed. I had planned on just sewing two pieces of fabric together, easy peasy, but once I did that and put it on the table, the seam down the middle looked absolutely horrendous! So, now I plan to have a single piece of fabric going down the center of the table, with seams on either side. I hope to FINALLY complete the sewing today or tomorrow :)

Until then, I need to go study the skeletal system to take an online medical terminology test tonight. I LOVE studying this stuff and can't wait to start classes in the fall!

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