Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Another labor day sale purchase was this boudoir pillow cover for our bed :)

(the pillow form is still needed)
(and I know the monogram is backwards, I just like how DSS looks much better than SSD :P)

On top of that I have been busy looking online and in store for some fabric to cover these throw pillows with for our living room

(Peyton WOULD NOT move, and really, who would rather see old pillows than a cute puppy?)

AND if I have time before school starts in the fall I would REALLY like to try to reupholster our chair with this fabric!

I have been looking for free pillow cover patterns/directions online, I know there is not much to them, but I would like to work with directions and be safe rather than sorry!

From Amy Butler Design (pdf)

And then there is the envelope pillow cover, shown in wonderful detail



and here :)

My resources are plentiful, I just need to pick the fabric and DO it!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the new pillow cover! I have one similar.. the linen hemstitch pillow from Potterybarn in Sandlewood. Love it!