Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joy > Perfection

As I have looked over my last few blog posts, I felt convicted that all I ever talk about are things I am excited about or joyful about. In the blogging world it is easy to disconnect from reality and seek perfection or try and portray it. While joy and excitement are pretty natural reflections of my personality, I don't want to ever try and portray myself and my life as perfect or unflawed.

I enjoy life and people with my whole heart, not perfectly, but to the best of my ability, thanks to the never-ending grace of God.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

That being said, our projects are still in progress, there were bumps in the road, {most} of which we maneuvered pretty well :)

As beginners in painting, we went into this endeavor pretty blind, other than my online research, which later went to show that oftentimes, street smarts are much better than book smarts!

Most of our frustrations were caused by under-knowledgeable Lowe's sales associates.
We ended up buying a gallon of paint we did not need, which on our home improvement budget was SUCH a bummer, but all in all our wall is blue and I LOVE it.

We definitely had tons of laughs and fun though :)

Our painting extravaganza went a bit like this:

Thursday: Went to Lowe's to purchase what we needed for the project. {The sales associate sold us a gallon of regular paint, after we had told him exactly what the project we were attempting was and the materials we needed}

Saturday morning: We began painting the wall, however, we were dragging the brush through the paint to no avail because the paint dried too quickly :( After a few tries, I ran out to Sherwin Williams seeking answers. The man that helped me there was able to 1. clearly explain the issue to me and 2. tell me exactly which products I needed to go to Lowe's to get to finish our project. Sherwin Williams gets two thumbs up from me!
{Stopped at a Krispy Kreme on my way home to help remedy my sweet husband's frustration... because, yes, we had many moments of very non-perfect communication}

Saturday Afternoon: We took a break from all of that, put our attitudes back in the right place, and headed back to Lowe's. We purchased the correct GLAZE (because we did not need paint at all) choosing a shade lighter than we had wanted, because at this point our wall was completely painted our initial dark blue. The glaze worked perfectly! We did our vertical lines alone the whole wall, ate dinner, and then went to see the movie Midnight in Paris
{which I did not absolutely love, but definitely enjoyed, and did love having a date night :)}

Dragging the brush, top to bottom, and back to the top
His 6'6" height on our 8 foot ceilings really helped!

Rolling the glaze in sections

Sunday Afternoon: We FINALLY finished the wall with the horizontal lines!
Although, the wall does not look as intended, the linen finish does add a subtle depth and seems to soften the wall. {yay!}

In conclusion,
1. I HIGHLY recommend using Sherwin Williams for painting projects, especially faux finishes
2. When working with the correct materials, the linen finish was not difficult, or very time consuming, with two people {thank you, babe}

Aren't they handsome?

Sunday was wonderful, Peyton gave his father a Colts cup, because his namesake is Peyton Manning, and he knows how much his dad loves the Colts ;)

We are SO close to being put together! I can't wait! Just the shelves to paint and we can put the brushes away for awhile!

Pillow covers are very much needed too, I am just having the hardest time deciding on fabric. Hope I can find the perfect fit soon! :)

Happy Wednesday :)

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