Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to School Gifts :)

Last year I made each of my sisters one of these picture boards, as a "going back to school" gift.
I loved how they turned out and was so excited to see them in their rooms when I went to visit.

While we were in Atlanta a few weeks ago the question came up "what are you going to make us this year?"
As a person who loves 1. gift giving and 2. trying new projects
I jumped on researching right away!
And found this project for them

Love. It.
I knew finding cute yet solid frames for a low price would be difficult, so I quickly started scouring Craigslist, only to find over-priced, ugly, and disappointing :/

Anyways, Tuesday I was going to see my new Columbia doctor for a check up and on my way passed a Salvation Army Thrift Store. I stopped in and it was wonderful!
No, it wasn't Nordstrom wonderful, but for 2.99 each I was able to score these two very solid {albeit a little on the mangled side} wooden frames!

I plan to use this cute {very light pink} floral fabric as a background

And spray the frame, hooks, and screening with a light turquoise color :)

On top of that excitement, I finally finished THE tablecloth!
Love it. Love love love it!

Peyton does too, can't you tell? :)

Anyways, tomorrow we are headed back to Atlanta for this wonderful friend's wedding and some 4th of July celebrating!

Can't wait!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished product :) Drive safe!! See you guys tonight!