Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Most Beautiful Part of "F" is Flowers!

April showers bring May FLOWERS!!

What could be more fitting to feature for the letter "F" than flowers? I know there are those women who don't like flowers, but for the majority of us, a beautiful bouquet can brighten ANY day!

Align CenterAn etsy shop that does not have a shortage of flowers is Sweet or Spicy Bowtique! Barbara has an adorable selection of hats, headbands, and hair clips covered in cute bows and different flowers!

As a wife and mother of three Barbara started her business after making bows for her daughters. It was even her daughters who talked her into selling bows to begin with!

She started on ebay, but the day she found etsy, Barbara was hooked! She opened her first etsy shop, JJ&K's in April of 2009 and a year later she opened Sweet or Spicy Bowtique.

JJ&K's was how Barbara first became an involved member of Christian Arts and Crafters team and Etsykids. She eventually began Sweet or Spicy Bowtique to use for merchandise put in local shops. While similar, the two shops are a little bit different!

"Since I have been on etsy I have met some wonderfully kind and generous people. I have had a great experience and enjoyed some success."

On top of everything that Barbara has done and continues to do, she has generously offered this CUTE flower headbands to be given away!

Mandatory entry: go to Sweet or Spicy Bowtique and let me know what your favorite item is!

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10 extra entries: purchasing any item from Sweet or Spicy Bowtique or JJ&K's
1 extra entry for every person you send to this giveaway

The giveaway will end Thursday August 5 at noon EST! So be sure to get to entering! :)

Flowers are my favorite :)

The Letter "F" is Absolutely Fabulous :)

I was actually able to keep "F" to my top ten loves! Haha, improvement? Or maybe just a boring letter? :P Either way here are the best of "F"!
  1. fruit! lots and lots of FRUIT! :)
  2. fishing
  3. families - the sweet cute loving ones of course :)
  4. flying biscuit
  5. friends
  6. (good) friends :P
  7. fitness (photo from
  8. fireworks
  9. fudge
  10. freckles

"F" was so great! I can't wait to see what "G" will bring :P

Kicking Off The Weekend Right! :)

Here are some super cute giveaways to start the weekend off on the right foot! :)

The Preppy Princess is giving away an awesome belt from Kiel James Patrick's new collection! Enter here and be sure to mention my name in your post! :)

Miss Janice has a cute apron giveaway up on her blog etiquette with miss janice!

This Crazy Life is giving away a gift certificat from Tree Frog Creations! Be sure to enter! :)

Shopaholic in Alabama is giving away some cute handmade notecards and other paper goodies here! :)

Happy last weekend of July! Be sure to make it a good one! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Excellent Engagement Story for the Letter "E"

Due to the sparsity of loves that start with the letter "E" and the perfect timing of a dear sweet friend's Engagement, I wanted to share with all of you one of the CUTEST engagement stories I have ever seen or heard about! Let me walk you through it... step by cute cute step! :)

Their evening began with a sweet date...

Afterwards, decided to take a quick kayak tour...

Just paddling away...

Walking around the first sandbar, her poor arms must've been tired, right? ;)

When they hit sandbar number two, they decided to leave the boats and walk a little...

As they enjoy the beautiful sunset, my sweet friend finds...

They sit and enjoy some coffee and dessert. Hubby-to-be is cool and calm... just enjoying the evening...

Meanwhile, my beautiful friend is doing her best to remain as calm as her adorable mister... it wasn't working :P

Well one thing let to another andddd.... da, da, da, da.... :)

I am SO SO happy for her and SO excited for the sweet way he asked!

Isn't that such an awesome Engagement story???? Definitely deserving of the letter "E" :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Earring Giveaway for the Letter "E"

I have fallen in love with button earrings lately!

I came accross ohmyMarie on etsy as I was searching for some cute cloth button earrings and I found SUCH am excellent selection in her shop. So, for the letter "E" I asked sweet Amanda, of ohmyMarie, to sponsor a post on button earrings!

I can't wait to tell you more about her and her shop!

For starters, Amanda is a stay at home mother of three small children. After she received a large number of vintage buttons from her grandmother, Amanda made a few pairs of earrings for herself and decided that she would try and sell them on one of her favorite shopping sites. This seemed like a fun way to earn some extra money, while at home with the kids!

Not only does she use buttons but she also has some beautiful beaded jewelery in her shop as well!

So far, she has enjoyed creating all of her cute jewelery with all of the old buttons she was given and different beads. I can't wait to see all of the things she continues to create to put in her etsy shop!

Amanda is a new seller to etsy, opening her shop earlier this month. So, be sure to spread the word about her creations as she gets started!

Now its time for the giveaway! Amanda has offered to giveaway an adorable pair of these mother of pearl vintage button earrings!

Mandatory entry: Go visit ohmyMarie and come back here to let me know what your favorite item in Amanda's shop is!

1 entry: let me know you follow
2 entries: add the "Living Life One Letter at a Time" button to your sidebar
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1 extra entry for each person you refer to this giveaway

If you could list all of your entries out in one comment that would be great (1...2...3..)!

This giveaway will close at noon EST on Tuesday August 3 and I will contact the winner Wednesday. Be sure to leave your e-mail in your comment so I know where to reach you!

Good luck! I can't wait to see who wins! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dads Deserve SO Much More Than Just "D" :)

"D" is for DADDYS! :)

There is no single relationship that can impact a person more than his or her relationship with his or her dad!

My dad is brilliant and each of these pictures made me smile wide!

Aren't dads just the greatest?!?

It doesn't take perfection to be an AMAZING dad :)

TOO too CUTE! :)

Happy Happy Weekend! I am SO happy it is FINALLY here! The Arbonne winner will be announced soon! :)

A Beautiful "D" lightful Saturday! :D

Some favs... starting with "D"-d-dizzle :P
  1. daisies
  2. dimples
  3. dinner parties!
  4. my darla but pretty much all doggies :)
  5. devil wears prada
  6. dates
  7. discovering
  8. dancing
  9. dooney & bourkeAdd Image
  10. down comforters
  11. decorating
  12. dream
  13. doug (both of them :P)
  14. dogwoods
  15. disney princesses
  16. dirt roads