Monday, July 5, 2010

The One About Commitment to Pray for our Country!

I just started my applications today! I am SO excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I never thought this would come! It seems like my freshman year was such a short time ago when I thought two years was "forever away!"

I had an amazing weekend, but my camera was broken, so, no pictures to share :( But I was completely encouraged to jump into this application process!

On top of all of these applications, I signed up to take the GRE! This is the part I am most nervous and antsy about, it is pretty much sink or swim for me at this point. Lord, please help me swim!

I would really appreciate your prayers in going through this process. I know this is the direction I need to be going, its just hard to have peace in every step of the way and not be defined by whether or not I am accepted.

The weekend of the fourth was AMAZING! I got to spend another awesome weekend with one of my favorite people and his family.

We woke up WAY too early to watch the beginning of the Peachtree Road Race. I had never seen the front runners of the race, only run it, so it was a cool experience.
(photo from

Then headed to church, for SUCH an awesome service. I love my church to death. They bring in a full brass band and have the national guard walk the flag in. They play all of the awesome American hymns and also play each military branch's anthem as those who has served stand. It always brings tears to my eyes!

On top of all of that Dr Youssef spoke on Genesis 18 to kick off prayer for the country. I encourage you to join in this effort to unite 100,000 strong to Covenant to Pray for America! If you'd like to listen to this awesome sermon it is available here.

It was such an encouraging day and weekend that I LOVED! I have so blessed to be so surrounded by so many awesome people and teachers!

I hope everyone has an awesome week and enjoys this beautiful summer!

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  1. I will say a prayer for you about the GRE!! I wasn't too excited about it when I had to take it either! I'm sure you will be fine. Just study hard!! :)