Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire...

... Jack Frost Nipping at my Nose :)

I get to spend my weekend in Nashville with my lovely sisters and am enjoying every minute of it!

I have missed blogging so much lately!
There are so many things going on right now though.
Between concluding my last semester, applying and interviewing at physical therapy schools, and wedding planning, there is not much space for anything else!

Due to the possibility of me starting physical therapy school in May, we have set our wedding date for April 8, 2011. Which has put us into hyper drive with wedding planning, but it has been great and I am sure will be well worth it! It was either April of 2011 or June of 2014, so we decided to go with sooner rather than later!

Two more weeks left in the semester and then real life starts!

Hubby-to-be will be starting a new job in Columbia in the beginning of January, which has thrown my hopes of starting physical therapy school this spring or fall for a loop, but has not crushed them. I am holding onto a thread of hope that I will get into South Carolina or Medical College of Georgia. South Carolina I applied to two weeks after their application deadline and MCG I was already wait-listed for applying there after all of the spots were filled also. :/

I know we have to go though, it will be a great career step for him and they will pay for him to get his master's too, so he really could not turn the opportunity down.

I have become more comfortable with the realization that I will probably be taking a year off now, and although it took me a little while to adjust to, that now idea thrills me because I would love to have a year to make a home and learn to be a wife. I would love to try re-doing furniture like so many bloggy women do, quilting, and decoratively crafting in general.

I am so excited about everything going on right now! It is very overwhelming at times but I just keep telling myself that the Lord will never put us into situations we can't handle, and that He has given me an amazing support system through all of this perfectly lovely insanity!

Have a happy weekend!

21 more days until Christmas and 125 more days until we are married :)


  1. Oh, my goodness, so many things going on. Best wishes. Your life will unfold as it should.


  2. Columbia, as in Columbia University? We'll be in the same state! (At least for a little while!)