Monday, April 30, 2012

Some First Anniversary Hoop-lah!


We did the whole wedding cake on our first anniversary thing...

 It looked so much prettier than it tasted(unfortunately)!  But I loved looking back through the pictures, reminiscing, and remembering how I/we felt at every moment of that wonderful day :)
Also, sticking with tradition, our gifts to each other were paper themed.  DJ gave me a bunch of vegan and health books I had been wanting and I made him this for his office:
The idea came from here
The first is a map of where we met, with a little basketball stitched around it.
Second, is where we were engaged with diamond stitching.
And the third is where we were married with a heart around the spot.
Super easy project, but meaningful and not too too cheesy :P
Believe it or not, the most difficult part for me was lining up the letters... I am so artistically challenged! 
I love DIYs but either 1) do not finish them or 2) have someone else help me finish them... working on that.
Anyways, we are planning to celebrate our anniversary in August with a night or two at a beach somewhere (hopefully), that seems so close yet there is so much going on between now and then!
{DJ is planning on going back to school, so any plan requiring $$ is tentatively on hold.}

Until later, hope you have a wonderful week! :)

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