Saturday, March 30, 2013

Currently Obsessing Over

  1. This video:
Such an inspirational song and video!
Gives me goosebumps everytime!
SO blessed!
2. This tea:
Just tea drinking in general, but this is my default

3. This running top:
The detail on the back is my favorite part:
So cute and gave me no trouble running 12 miles earlier today, awesome!
4. This Shampoo:
Not quite Aveda calibre, as the bottle advertises, but the quality for the price is amazing!
AND it smells exactly like the spa in our resort on our honeymoon, so I absolutely love reliving those memories :)
It makes me feel very pampered and refreshed!
5. This fuel:
Not a huge fan of the energy gels, plan to try the Cliff Shot Bloks, but so far these beans have been my favorite!

Needless to say, race day is quickly approaching, and other than PT school-ness, training, husband, and puppy get the majority of my time :)
Our research proposal was last Wednesday, went off without a hitch, and we were approved to begin testing!  Other than that, I am just playing catch up in classes these days and preparing for my acute care clinical later this summer
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, in preparation to celebrate Resurrection Sunday!
He is risen!

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