Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How is it Already August??

My acute care clinical ended Thursday and Friday we were Athens bound for our first sprint triathlon together and my husband's first ever!

We had a blast, it was a great weekend, and overall were happy with our performance :)

Since then I have enjoyed getting ready for classes to start tomorrow, lots of blog reading, home updates and sleeping in. I have avoided rushing at all costs, I know things will rush at me in high speed tomorrow, but until then, peace.

I purchased a heart rate monitor last week and have enjoyed reading up on training with that and how to use it to increase my endurance.

I came across this blog post which I absolutely loved, simple but real 

I prepared and baked my first whole chicken. I picked up a Pampered Chef deep dish baker at a thrift store and about a week later found the stoneware baking bowl that goes with it at a garage sale (woohoo!). I knew if I didn't attempt a chicken soon, the two pieces would sit un-used in the cupboard, I'm hoping now that I have seen how easy, healthy, and yummy it was, I will attempt it more often :) As I type the broth is on the stove simmering away, again sooo much simpler than I would have imagined, just takes doing it once to figure things out.

As strange as it sounds, I have been reading a lot about vaccines lately.  The more physical therapy experience I gain, the more interested I become in working in pediatrics after graduation. I have enjoyed reading and researching Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy (strange I know) and how physical therapy can play a big role in improving the quality of life of those children.  The Lord has given me a huge heart for children (and adults) with special needs.

I empathize with the parents of the children I work with. While they are some of the sweetest kids in the world, it can get exhausting, especially when the child's parents are older. 

I begin to wonder if there are factors that negatively affect a child's neurological development after birth that we are yet to draw the connection between.  I read this article and continue to research what the scientific evidence says about vaccinations.  Dr Mercola is one of my go to resources for health information, this is posted on his website. I am still looking into his statements as well.

This was not meant to become a political debate on vaccines by any means, just a quick mention of thing that have been on my mind.

Finally, saw this yesterday and it got me to thinking, when my husband and I started dating, I was the "get up and go" in our relationship, by far. I still am in some areas, but I definitely feel like he's gaining on me in the "making friends/mingling is fun" category. Which is awesome, because I see that and love how he has become more confident and outgoing in the few years we have been together. We both have, I have become more confident embracing my introverted side, he has embraced his extroverted side, and somehow we continue to balance each other out perfectly, funny how the Lord works things. :)

Anyways, happy Wednesday :)

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