Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some April Updates...

Clearly, I am not the most dedicated blogger in the world. I have these great aspirations to blog my many domestic endeavors as well as its new experiences. However, as you can see those attempts have been futile. Instead of blogging about Valentine's Day mid-April, I've decided to give my recent projects a special mention and move on from there. I joined the Instagram world which makes random shout outs much easier than writing a full post. That being said a quick snapshot of our life right now can be boiled down to a few things:

1. A three month clinical with an hour and a half commute each way concluded at the end of March.
2. We are currently in limbo discussing plans for the next year and a half/two years
3. I am dreaming of home buying, my down to earth husband regularly reminds me that I would not be interested in buying the homes we can afford, touche my dear.
4. We are both preparing to finish up our programs of study. DJ will be getting his master's in August and is looking into beginning the CPA exams at that time.  I will finish up with my doctorate of physical therapy in December so right now am prepping for the comprehensive exam, my final clinical, and graduation followed by boards.
5. I continue to pray that the Lord will give me a content heart during all of these changes and as we weigh pros and cons and try to consistently walk in prayer about each potential situation.
6. I have been so blessed to catch up with friends over the past few weeks who have offered sweet encouragement and joy.  Such a fun weekend was spent in Greensboro with some college friends, which was followed up by catching up with others during a quick trip to Atlanta a few weeks later :) 
7. I was so blessed to have my sister Lindsey and cousin Sydney visit a few weeks back, such a great time!
8. My research partner, Haylee, and I completed our research defense last Friday, which brings us one step closer to getting our red book and graduating!
9. DJ spent this past weekend in Atlanta, networking and enjoying some time on the golf course, catching up with his brothers and enjoying watching the Master's.  So happy he took a (partial) break for the weekend from his crazy life of working full time and being a full time graduate student.  I am so proud of all he does!

We are so blessed. So so blessed!  I know so many of those things will seem trivial two months from now and we will be able to see the Lord's hand working through everything. I am SO SO excited to see where He will have us 6 months from now and how different our life will look!

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