Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2012 looks promising so far!
We both have laid out some attainable resolutions and hope to stick to them :)

Due to Peyton coming down with a kennel cough, it slowed our time down a little bit. I spent some time in the bathroom "steaming" him to try and loosen what was in his chest a little bit. While all of this was a bit tedious, it did give me some good down time to decompress, slow down, and pray. And my prayers were answered in a big way.

I over-stress myself much more than necessary and I took Peyton's cough as the Lord telling me to slow down, and enjoy the time I have with the people I am with. I did not do this well on New Year's eve, leading DJ to be frustrated with me and in hindsight me being disappointed in myself. {We left Peyton with my sisters overnight, but instead of leaving him, I kept my phone on my hip, worrying excessively, and not enjoying the time we had with DJ's siblings}

Anyways, in my times of reflection and prayer, I felt like the Lord affirmed my efforts to start fresh and try and stick with these resolutions:
  1. plan at least two meals a week ahead of time, so we do not get sick of our "usual" meals and try new things!
  2. eat {and stick to} a plant based diet, not for weight, but for health.
  3. spend time with the Lord daily
  4. limit my social media use {how can I find so much time for facebook and not fit in a devo or run, really?}
  5. pray for DJ without ceasing
  6. overall, seek the Lord in all I do, be the Godly woman He has created me to be
  7. act on the opportunities the Lord has given me, and see all things as blessings
  8. give of myself without ceasing, and know that the closer I am to Him, the more of myself I give, the more He will refill me
  9. walk Peyton everyday (for his health, mine, and decompressing my stress)
  10. try and make time to work out, but not beat myself up if I don't

Overall, I want to manage my life in a way honoring to the Lord, so that the stress that I let overcome me will not have a foundation to stand on, because my foundation will be in the confidence and peace of the Lord.

That is what it all comes down to. I can work-out and eat healthy to decrease stress, but the more I rely on myself, the more I am inviting that stress in. It is when I think I am in control that the stress can take root, but by realizing things are not up to me, and God is in control, that is when the weight will be taken off of my shoulders, and the stress will not be mine to bear :)

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  1. great resolutions! Love your blog :) check mine out if you have a chance!