Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Spring Break! {and I'm Loving It!}

We were able to take a long weekend to St Augustine to visit my grandparents and see my sister and cousin while down there, such a good time all around! :)
We were SO thankful that DJ's sister was willing to add Peyton to her crew for the few days we were out of town {even if he is the most needy dog on the planet now, we can tell he was very loved on}.
{as you can see, we are making great headway on the laundry!}
Yesterday, I got caught up on errands galore, which made me feel super accomplished and on top of things, yet completely miss when I used to get paid to run other people's errands :P
And on top of those errands, I made it home in time to make my first meal/recipe using Quinoa!
I was pretty proud of myself because I am pretty good about trying new veggies and such, but those bulk bins at Earthfare always intimidated me. I usually go, get my flax seed, and wonder what all the rest of it is used for.
Anyways, I had this preconceived idea that buying dry grains or beans would make the whole cooking process much more time demanding, but with Quinoa, that was not the case.
I got home around 5 and by 7 had this delicious chili on our table!
I am back to eating vegan after I read The Kind Diet while in St Augustine, and am hoping to stick to my guns with it this time, no more back and forth wishy-washy-ness anymore!
Topped my bowl off with a dollup of vegan sour cream and we had a nice relaxing low key night at home :)

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