Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Best Week Ever

My husband tells me this is not really the best week ever, I am just out of touch with how normal people live.  However, it started out with breakfast in bed and has included most of my favorite things thus far, so it will continue as "The best week ever" because:

1) Monday started with "Happy Vacation Week" breakfast in bed, which was followed by afternoon kayaking, followed by evening crafting/home projecting {with minimal conflict} and this awesomely fun Monday, was then concluded with my absolute favorite thing, watching the college world series with DJ :)

2) Tuesday, we took Peyton to Petsmart {presh}, DJ took my car to get taken care of, aannnnddd we stopped at Chipotle for lunch! My love for Chipotle runs deep, for Valentine's Day this year, we actually cancelled our fancy pants reservations, for some good smoked Tabasco and burritos, thats love.

I did mix up tea and tablespoon in the biscuits this morning, oops. Home maker in training, what can I say?

3) Finally, tomorrow we are headed to visit my Granny in Wilmington, NC to squeeze in some quality catch-up time and a few days at the beach! Fav, fav, really really fav.

My first clinical starts a week from today, I am a pretty balanced combo of excited and nervous{psh, I wish, I'm scared to death}.  I packed today and now feel a little bit more calm about it all :) {minus the fact that my pants were a little snug, but eh, whatev}

Anyways, here is a little photo summary of my past two wonderful days!

We learned all about wire shelving {and got bunches of new storage space!}, I know, no big deal, but I'm proud of it :)  {Big thanks to Sheila for letting us share her washer/dryer, just one of the many ways she is wonderful to us!}

I killed two pins with one project, both of which were rockin ideas:
See here and here for my inspirations

And we loved being "splorers" on the river, checking out all sorts of different places

Anyways, happy Tuesday!  Hope you are having an awesome week too :)

PS - HUGE praise that the Lord brought Audrey and her nursing team home safe from Cambodia this morning!

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