Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Some quick updates, before I forget!
 1. I can't help but start with the most fun one, we are all decorated for fall! Two weeks ago I went to my favorite store on the planet for some unwinding from a stressful week, and Hobby Lobby did not disappoint! The UGA platter was a birthday gift from my husband. Aaand, I found some very cute little ceramic pumpkins hanging out at the dollar store too :)
On top of that, used my antlers in this bowl as a fall filler, love them!
And that is our home right now :)
2. Spinning is awesome.  I am completely addicted.  Do not be surprised if I start posting spin work outs up here.  I love knowing I will be on a bike for 45 minutes and burn 400+ calories.  Its like I am in a class, yet can totally chill and just zone out... Anyways, love spinning.
3. I have been alternating running/spin class days and love it because I got some new running shoes from my parents for my birthday
Aren't they beautiful? They are my first pair of Brooks, but after the first run I was hooked, I felt like I was cheating it was so easy to just keep running! :)
4. Classes are H-A-R-D this semester. There is not just one chill class, they all have assignments and are all time demanding.  And that is enough on that awful topic :P
5. We are almost out of tea.  Why? Because I have felt terrible lately, my little natural medicine self is seriously contemplating getting some allergy meds... absolutely no idea why my allergies would be SO much worse this year than last, but that is that.
6. I am in a Bible study with the women from our Sunday school class and am LOVING it.  We are going through the book A Woman's High Calling, and all I can say is I am convicted with pretty much every sentence I read.  To be a better wife, friend, and woman living completely sold out for the Lord is constantly something it challenges me to.
7. DJ is taking two classes (principles of accounting 2 and business law) this semester, so to say we are spread thin would be a crazy understatement.  I am so proud of how hard he works and jealous of his incredibly thorough work ethic. Busy is definitely the adjective of the semester though!
8. We had a wonderful time with my siblings-in-law last weekend.  It was so special to be super transparent about our marriages and encourage one another in the goings on.  Read all about it here
Overall things are great, football season is here, the weather is beautiful, and there are just a little over two weeks until fall break (and a whole lot to do!) but we are trying to love every little bit of it!
Enjoy your weekend!

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