Friday, January 11, 2013

It's 2013, and about time for an update :)

It really happened, I actually used this blog for the purpose I intended it for.
I looked at a post I made a year ago.
Asked DJ "Can you believe that this time last year we were searching for a car for me?"
His response "That wasn't just a year ago, was it???"
Needless to say, we were both surprised how quickly the time begins to blend together, seemingly flying and creeping forward all at the same time. Crazy!
That being said, I want to make an effort to intentionally update more often, because an update every six months is not much to look back on :) 
1. We spent Christmas with DJ's family this year.  That was really hard for me, lots of growing up happened, and is still taking place.
There were lots of people.  It was the first time all of the kids and families had been in the same place at the same time for about 10 years.
2. Lindsey and Audrey came to visit for a few days before all of the Christmas craziness, and I was blessed by some much needed sister time!  SO encouraging :)
This was us on Thanksgiving, which we spent in Atlanta with my famjam :)
3. The Spring 2013 semester starts Monday.  I am excited about the classes, but our research proposal is scheduled for the end of March, so I am sure that will be the all consuming factor of this semester.  I am SUPER excited to have that moving forward quickly though!

4. DJ is starting classes full time Monday while still working full time.  So for the first time in our married life, I will be the one with the simple schedule, which will definitely give me a great opportunity to serve him better.

5. I am training for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Nashville at the end of April.  First marathon, but after how well the half went, I figured why not try?
Atlanta Half Marathon - Thanksgiving Day

6. I have been listening to books on tape while running.  Right now I am in the middle of Princess Diana's biography.  I have definitely been inspired by her desire to get to know everyone and her ability to show love.

7. Final point on running, spent most of my break reading this, and feel so much better prepared to try for the marathon now!
8. Peyton is still Peyton.  He is healthy and well and still making people smile all around :)
Showing off his new leash and collar and probably wondering how long he will have to sit still before he gets to go outside :)
9.  This past fall I participated in a study of A Woman's High Calling by Elizabeth George, which I am hoping to continue into the Spring.  DJ is still in the REAL Men study at church going through The Resolution for Men book :)  We have both loved learning about the Lord and strengthening relationships with friends through it.
10. I am still thrifty as usual, simplifying our apartment by selling as much on ebay as I can. Thirt store shopping combined with running help me manage my stress.
11. I have been trying to consciously cover everything in prayer.  This has definitely helped me with my never ending battle with needing more self control in so many areas!
12. Our in town family is relocating to Thailand in a week.  We continue to become more aware of how much we will miss them being so close.  Words can not describe.
We will miss regularly seeing every last one of those smiles!
13. I am trying to use my bike more often.  We live about a mile from campus, it really does make sense for me to bike, it is just a new idea that I am sure I will adjust to.  With my class schedule less demanding this semester I'd at least like to try :)
Anyways, that is us in a nutshell, simple, yet completely not at all, but loving it :)
Happy New Year!  I hope so far you are enjoying 2013!

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