Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Updates!

So so much going on!

Fall break was last week, filled with lots of research and class projects for the most part, but we did get to head to Atlanta for the weekend :)
  Quick Nashville trip Saturday for Aud's soccer game, back to Atlanta that night. Sunday was packed full, beginning with an awesome service at Apostle's, which was followed by Aud's first shower, and concluded by celebrating her 21st birthday that night (which was followed by a LATE night drive back to Cola).

At the shower
"Innocent" in the kitchen while making meatballs Friday night

The weekend before that DJ and I completed our first Olympic triathlon, woohoo! To say it was tougher than we expected would be an understatement! I had been sick the two weeks leading up to race day and in the end ended up having to day-quil my way through, but we made it and loved it!  We went back and forth about investing in wet suits but were SO thankful we did! A small price to pay for how helpful they were, not to mention we would have frozen without them! So much family came to watch, we felt so loved!

The night before the race we were able to catch this hot air balloon light show in Anderson, SC!
Pre-race: antsy as all get out!
So much fun to see everyone afterwards!

The Thursday before that DJ forced me out of study mode and to the SC State Fair to eat corn dogs and watch Corey Smith in concert.  Watching him took my back to high school, we had so much fun meandering around the fair and re-hashing high school memories.  Definitely not as exciting listening to his song "twenty-one" from my now over twenty-one perspective though :P
Felt like such old folks! (I thought we were going to get shot with DJ all UGA decked out!)

Loved it! Every minute!

As far as continuing tri training goes, I dream about doing a half and maybe someday a full Ironman. Unfortunately right now I don't have cold weather cycling clothes and 1. am not able to invest in them right now and  2. cycling through 30-something temperatures sounds absolutely terrible. For those reasons (and many more) I have chosen to train for another marathon!  I missed running so much when tri training, the running aspect for us was an after thought due to our inexperience/lack of practice in the other two sports.  Another reason I am returning to running for now is that the time tri training required was just too much for our life right now.  I would sit in class all day (DJ would work), we'd work out for 2-3 hours, and after that would still need to take care of dinner and studying/school work.  It was just too much.

Going to try Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1 marathon training program and can always knock it down if its too much during the holidays.  If I start the week of November 2, the 18 week training program will get me to race day, which will be the Columbia Marathon on March 8, 2014!

I am going to try to integrate Pilates into my training schedule this time around.  I know I needed to integrate more strength training in my tri training to be more effective, just could not justify the added time commitment.

In other news, I ordered a juicer yesterday and hope that helps me stay healthy this season.  I have been fighting colds/sore throats for the past 3 weeks and am about ready to be done with it!

Super excited for the holidays!  Although Halloween is not my favorite, $3 Chipotle burritos, pumpkin carving, and candy eating is hard to beat! We're planning on staying in Cola for Thanksgiving, followed by finals week, Audrey's bachelorette (WOOHOO!), Christmastime, and then WEDDING TIME!

So much coming up, I can't wait, just need to finish classes strong and get onto celebrating! :)

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