Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crafts, Ready In Time For Christmas!

Words CANNOT describe how much I love the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays! I know, we have time still and I am not in Christmas mode yet...

...but I have still been looking for fun Christmas craft ideas!

I am not a huge fan of the whole commercial Santa and presents thing, more of a "reason for the season" believer, but still love the giving spirit that seems to come over so many during this season!

One of my favorite times of the whole year is the week after finals week in December. Classes are over, I am home with my family, and we have nothing to do but get ready for Christmas!

During this time I LOVE to craft. My mind is still comatose from the previous week, but my creative side takes over and makes decorating and crafting all the more fun!

With that said, here are some of my Christmas crafts I can't wait to try :)

1. I am a huge fan of wreaths. In my mind they can make any door look welcoming. Not only do I think this wreath would look adorable on my door for the Christmas season, but doesn't it just make you smile? :)

The tutorial for this wreath can be found on Cheryl's blog a pretty cool life (which I HIGHLY suggest checking out) or you can buy one in her etsy shop!

Out of all of the blog reading I do, a pretty cool life is probably one of my favorites :)

2. A quilted Christmas? Yes please! I LOVE this tree skirt. In my opinion, the tree skirt pretty much makes or breaks a Christmas tree. Wouldn't this be adorable under a tree with matching stockings? :) Just an idea though...

Visit the tutorial here. I love it because you can purchase a kit or just follow the tutorial yourself!

I need to stop blogging about Christmas though or I will end up way too excited and break out Christmas music or some other sort of craziness like that!

Have a happy Tuesday! :)

PS - this is the best I could do to share the letter "X" with all of you, like X-mas? Maybe? :)