Friday, October 29, 2010

Grocery Shopping 101

As a relatively new grocery shopper, I probably overpay for many of my purchases.
However, I am in a nutrition class this semester and we are learning all about grocery shopping well
My thrifty side is loving every minute of learning!
I am sure most of you already know these but, here are some of my favorite tips so far:

  • Stores will reduce one item to advertise, but mark up another to compensate for their loss and your "savings" - so its best to shop at two grocery stores
  • Coupon cutting helps! American consumers saved $3 billion dollars in 2005 from clipping coupons, most of the coupons were from Sunday newspapers, but they can also be found in magazines and online :)
  • Study grocery store's flyers online to find the best prices on household staples and to save time by not running around
  • Always check the unit price, bigger is not always cheaper

Also, something I ALWAYS do when I'm shopping online is google coupon codes before I check out, it usually gets me at least free shipping :)

Do any of you have any price cutting tips? :)


  1. Good tips! I'm loving saving money at he grocery store.. coupon clipping, winning giveaways for food items really do help!

  2. The mister and I recently became "coupon cutters." It helps out so much. Many grocery stores will double the coupons you bring in up to 55 or 60 cents! We probably go to three different grocery stores to find the best deals. And we print out coupons ahead of time. If you are in the south, there is a great website called that is a big help!