Monday, May 2, 2011

Garage Sailing

And I'm off... off the couch and ready to go!
Loving adjusting, organizing, and decorating our little home in Columbia, SC!

We have loved getting settled into our little apartment, just my new hubby, the puppy, and me.
This Saturday, we decided to give garage sales a try, we need a big bookshelf and figured it couldn't hurt to look for little things either.

Epic FAIL!

Before giving up completely and just concluding that garage sales are not for me, in my usual fashion, I decided research could not hurt. Maybe there was some trick or secret that those who L-O-V-E garage sales know, and maybe my good friend Google could help me find the answer?

Thanks to, I will probably give garage/estate/yard sales another chance

The secret is in reading the add. (Duh moment)

Listings with the words "everything must go," "liquidation," "moving," or other "cleaning out" verbage are good signs of worthwhile sales.

One tip I wouldn't have thought of is listings with the words "antiques" or "collectibles" often means either 1. the person knows the value of their items or 2. the seller thinks their items are worth more than they are and are priced accordingly.

All in all, life is simple and we are loving it :)

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  1. Glad things are going so well for y'all girl! :)