Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking Things One Day at a Time :)

The bride was beautiful.
The wedding was wonderful.
And most importantly, Emily and Nathan are very married :)

* Better picture here ASAP!*

Now, on to my {big} tasks for the week
{potentially taking me through the month and summer to complete}

1. Find out how to get the wine smell out of my collection of wine corks

*I did not drink all of this wine... btw
so I can use them to add some texture to this dresser, by hopefully making the bowl look a little less lonely in our cozy little apartment you can see we are still very much still getting settled {hence the empty picture frame}

So far, I have read soaking them in dish soap and water works well, boiling them also is effective... any feedback?

2. learn how to hem, so all of these cute summer skirts actually get worn!

Thank you ehow! :)

3. transfer magazine and catalog subscriptions to our new address
4. send wedding RSVPs and graduation thank yous
5. make a cord cover for this lamp, so the cord not so icky looking next to the stove

you know, something like this maybe?

as seen here at Pottery Barn
and found a couple tutorials here and here

6. look into getting a very noticeable spot out of a light colored wool suit... eek!

any pointers? dish detergent? laundry detergent?
I REALLY do not want to go wrong with this!

7. turn this amazing old window into a fun wall hanging/picture frame

and hope it turns out as cute as thisidea borrowed from here

here are some other ideas I thought were darling too



7. finally transfer this over-eager little mint plant into its own home so my little basil, cilantro, and rosemary stand a fighting chance!

Now off to take the puppy for a walk! :)

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