Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday! :)

Yesterday was SUCH a fun day!
My sweet and wonderful husband of {a little over} 3 months turned 24
and I was sure to take that opportunity to show and tell him how special he is to me :)

Not only did I get to show him how much I care for him, but I was also able to enjoy my day trying new recipes, which were all pretty big hits {yay!}

Breakfast in bed came really early, so I gave these little guys a try

They were as easy as could be, quick, and looked much fancier than they were. Paired with a bagel and cream cheese, breakfast was balanced and filling :)

Once he left for work, the real fun began, making dinner and dessert!
I found a great link on Pinterest to a Family Circle article with some slow-cooker recipes

Beef Stroganoff was our main dish and gets two big thumbs up for its success :)
The only suggestion I have is use regular soy sauce. The recipe called for low sodium soy sauce and while it tasted good, it probably could've used a little bit more flavor.

These rolls were so cute and much easier than they looked! I used basil in the topping instead of oregano {i'm allergic} and they tasted like they had a pesto spread on them {SO good!}

We also had a salad {nothing special} with a vinaigrette dressing :)

And for dessert, oh dessert!
I decided to try this

"The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n' Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar"

And oh my goodness it was ultimate!

Our simple little birthday table-scape :)

We had such a fun night, and despite what it looks like, we did do more than just eat :P
Presents followed dinner, and a late night watching of Sherlock Holmes after that.

Happy Birthday Babe, I hope it was all you wanted!

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