Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Staying on Our Toes! :)

Another wonderful weekend!
We traveled up to Clemson to spend a couple days with Mike, Sarah, and Madison
and had an absolutely great time!

On the way back to Columbia we stopped in Greenville.
DJ had spent a weekend there and kept telling me about how awesome it was, and I was not disappointed!

This park is pretty much in the middle of downtown Greenville

the bridge over the river definitely adds a cool architectural look

the whole park was just so clean and landscaped

We only stopped for a little while, but completely enjoyed exploring the city :)

We came home to a little bit of a flea scare, but after extensive scrubbing and cleaning, I can confidently say the apartment is cleaner than it probably has ever been
{Still completely gross, I know}

{He was not happy with us 1. for leaving him for the weekend and 2. for giving him a bath pretty much the minute we walked in}

I definitely should have taken extra precautions with it being summertime and all of Peyton's afternoons in the river.
Live and learn!

He hates swimming, but could lounge and play in the river all day long, and I let him :P

On another Peyton note, I have had this fear for awhile and it finally came true yesterday.
When we leave Peyton home alone, he always stays in his kennel.
Yesterday, as I was heading to work, I said "Peyton, get in your kennel"
But forgot to go lock him in.
I left at about 1:15 and around 5:30 DJ came home to this...

He did much better than expected, he usually chews on cords
{which could have been a BIG bummer!},
But, needless to say, I hope not to forget again!

We have had an eventful few days, and are enjoying them as much as possible!

I can't believe how time flies! One month from yesterday I will be starting fall classes! {ahhh! and yay! :P}

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