Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thinspiration :)

I have become one of the many.
The many who gain a few extra LBs as a newlywed.
After a panic moment or two, I have begun to transition from wanna-be homemaker extraordinaire, to a more moderate wife-y role.
{Ironic that this post follows one completely dedicated to food :P}

I have set goals to...

1. Run everyday
{outside is BEST}{love it when I get up early, but nights work too}
2. Alternate abs and arms every other day
3. Walk Peyton every afternoon
{in the hot HOT heat}
4. Drink TONS of H2O
5. Walk on the treadmill while studying as much as possible

So... thinspiration photos
{thanks mostly to Pinterest and we heart it}

Still living a beautifully blessed life :)

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