Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Quickies :)

Currently: catching up on the bachelorette online {JP, Constantine, Ben maybe? :P}

Recently: spent the weekend at the pool - put in my two weeks notice - have been working A LOT of long shifts

kidney bean wreath {for our "fancy wall"}

jewelry frames for our bedroom wall :)

chalk boards {three different ways and places}

{for the living room}

{for the kitchen}

{for the porch, and the aloe plant, I think?}

Running: I have been! This morning I ran 3.4 miles in 25 minutes... constant increase in mileage and decrease in time! SO exciting and loving my running highs :P

{for real though!}


{LOVE this book! Definitely keeps things in perspective and keeps me from pointing the finger, examining myself and my motives more than anything!}
{VERY interesting, out of the box, and alternative}
{pretty raunchy (obviously, from the title) but very informative and inspiring}
{also pretty alternative}

Eating: In response to the last two books I have weaned myself off of meat and am in the process of completely eliminating sugar, empty carbs, and dairy out of my life :)

Life is wonderful, I love my puppy and husband and can't believe classes start in 23 days!

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