Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Beach-y End Table Re-do

A rainy Sunday afternoon has never been so wonderful to me.  Nothing to do but read blog posts and make plans for next week, plans consisting of "go to Hobby Lobby" and "stop by Target," I could not be loving life more right now!

This whole end table project actually happened kind of on accident Wednesday as I headed to the grocery store.  A thrift store I typically drive past had a big sign out front reading "Huge Sale."  I stopped, curious to see what they meant.  They were not messing around, 70% off of a large selection of their furniture.  Most of it was junk-y particle board, but this little piece stood out to me.

It was pretty beat up, and had a little water damage, but for a whopping $7.50 I figured even if it was a train wreck, I'd at least learn from it without breaking the bank.

When I got home and started cleaning it up and looking closer, I was pleasantly surprised.  The water damage was minimal, the ugly was all superficial, and there was this lovely mark on the inside of a drawer.

I hoped this meant "vintage" and "quality" and it definitely did.  American made, this company made quality pieces until 2000 when they were acquired by La-Z-Boy.

Next came sanding, followed by priming.   
I took a quick trip to Lowe's to pick a paint color and Hobby Lobby to find a stencil and drawer pull.
I settled on Valspar's Hopsack

Two coats later, I was ready to try the stencil.  I did not purchase stencil adhesive, but highly suggest it, my trial and error period would have been much shorted had I used the correct adhesive.

Eventually I figured it out and lightly sponged on some white trim paint we already had.  It took awhile, and I definitely prefer using stamps to stencils, but am absolutely in love with the finished product.

The space between the two holes was too wide (6 inches) to fit any single pull Lowe's or Hobby Lobby offered, so rather than ordering online, I decided to go with the two pulls instead, which in the end, works perfectly with the pattern.
I stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some drawer pulls and found a basket that matches the dimensions of the bottom drawer area almost perfectly and that was it!

I love how beach-y it looks and how the pattern especially seems to pop against the blue wall.

I got a little paint-brush happy and decided to re-vamp the ice chest which had previously been in that spot next to the couch, not as satisfied with it, but I'm learning!  

This little guy is DJ's new bedside table, in the back corner of the bedroom, soooo I'm not as concerned...

Anyways, not quite the Serena & Lily Aleppo Inlay Table, but for less than $25, I couldn't be happier! :)

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