Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Furniture Face-lift: Adding Pattern?

With Maymester over, I wasted no time finding a fun project to occupy myself.
I'll share details later, but for now I am just brainstorming for a furniture redo using pattern somehow!

Here are some of my favorites so far...

Then there is always the option of simply distressing... (which is an art in and of itself)

I love all of the looks, the first image most of all.  The bees would be adorable but don't really match our look, the chevron is cute, just a little too trendy for me, and I really am wanting to try a pattern.  Plus, that table reminds me of this piece I have been LOVING at Serena & Lily for sooo long.  Why not try and mimic the style (to a slightly less complicated degree)?

Can't wait to try it! Headed back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow! :)

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