Saturday, June 1, 2013

Giving Garage Sailing Another Go

So, DJ was out of town last weekend and I figured I'd be adventurous and give garage sailing (I know its sale, I just like sail better) another try.  Its not that it wasn't a good time last time we went, he just is not cut out for it (not everyone is). I love to meander, he on the other hand, can't stand going into a store "just to look".  You can imagine how receptive he was to Garage Sales!

I watched a youtube video about organizing a closet the other day and she mentioned garage sales were great for picking up unexpected pieces of clothing, so decided to give garage sales another try.  I remember babysitting for a woman back in the day who "did garage sales". She and her entire family always looked darling, so I figured maybe there was something to it?

L-O-V-E-D it!

Last weekend I just picked up a few things. This cute little picture of Charleston Rainbow Row (we do live in South Carolina after all), a very lightly used LL Bean Medium sized duffel (which I plan to store/transport our bike/tri gear in), and a pretty blue Pyrex pie dish.

Success! I was selective yet did not hesitate to purchase when I found something I loved (like my little mini picture).

Well, I decided to go again this weekend and was SO proud of myself! I negotiated! If you know me, you know how any sort of conflict is just AWFUL in my mind.  I can't stand confrontation and if it is at all possible for me to passively avoid something, I will.  Not one of my stronger attributes, but it is what it is.
If anything I am the opposite of a haggler.
When I bought my antlers, the man gave me a price, and I offered him $1 more because that was what I had (after DJ had successfully haggled the price down for me).  Fail in the tough sell category.

Anyway, one sale I stopped at had a pair of Nike Tempo running shorts (in my size!!) for sale so of course I picked them up, when I asked the girl how much I owed her for the shorts she said, pants are $1.75.
Here it comes:
"Oh, okay, I would consider these more of shorts, but okay"
"Well, I guess I could give them to you for $1?"

I realize, I did not do much, but just to say that much to her was a pretty big deal for me.  So, I am celebrating my small victory and moving forward.  That being said, I still called DJ ecstatic, he was proud (naturally :P)(oh, what I put that man through!). 

All in all it was a pretty good day, here are some of my purchases:
I plan to use one Styrofoam ball to make a boxwood (tutorial here) to put on top of an urn I picked up from a thrift store a little while back.  The pot I will probably use for a planter eventually and have already spray painted that starfish gold...and painted my nails.
Enamelware pot & lid, 3 strofoam balls, blue starfish, 3 bottles of nail polish (OPI, Essie, & Seche Vite), chambray tunic/top
Not pictured: Pink Nike Tempo Shorts & Belt hanger

The pot's temporary home, which is kind of growing on me :) Oh, how I love our little shoe box home!

AND all for under $5!! 
I couldn't take a Saturday morning yoga class for that price, and this is just about as therapeutic :P

While the garage sailing was great, getting out of the house that early really makes me want to be more of a morning person.  Up until this morning really, my mindset was set somewhere between this:

And this:

But its all in the mindset.  I sat in the car for a few minutes before a sale opened and it was so peaceful. All you hear are birds chirping and all you see are runners, cyclists, and dog walkers out.  I loved visiting garage sales, yet at the same time every runner I passed I thought "I wish I was her/him."(Except for the lady running with her dogs tied around her waist, that's just hip problems waiting to happen!)

I now plan on getting a good 10 miles in before church tomorrow, we'll see if it happens, but its a start :)

Wow, getting up early aaaand garage sailing, I am getting old fast!

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