Sunday, June 9, 2013

Today's Happenins

Today was wonderful.
Poor DJ had to study allllll day, so I made myself useful :)
Another weekend of garage sailing with some exciting finds

A distressed Southern Living vase, 2 pairs of very lightly used running shoes, a zester and peeler, and 2 movies :)

I finally finished this end table redo (which I LOVE and am sooo proud of!)

I'll definitely be posting more details on it later, just am so suuuuper excited about it!

And then we went on an evening bike ride on the river walk and through the avenues, so peaceful and glad to finally get time with DJ without a textbook or computer (even if I was 10 yards behind him :P)

In other news, Lindsey received the news that she passed her first test of the CPA exams today! It is my parent's 27th wedding anniversary (cutest lovebirds ever!).  My youngest sister has officially set a wedding date at December 28, 2013 and we get to go to Atlanta for their engagement party soooon!!!

Sooo much going on, I love it! :)

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