Monday, June 14, 2010

The One About Summer Surf!

The beach was wonderful! The girls taught us to surf, the waves were terrible, but it was SO much fun!

We love Katie and Kristen! It is so much fun to spend time with them because there are so few people that understand that my sisters are my best friends, but they are the exact same way and we always have a BLAST together! :)

These three are my FAVORITES! :)

Before I left I cleaned out my closet a little bit. I was just going to drop everything at goodwill but had a worn twice pair of TOMS that I was just going to giveaway. My mom suggested I list them on ebay. Well, I started looking around ebay and saw that some of my other clothes might sell as well. I listed 23 items, 15 of them sold, and made a $210 profit on clothes i was just going to give to goodwill!

As a poor college student I was VERY excited to say the least. I re-listed the things that did not sell and went back through my closet to get rid of more stuff.

Hello Extended Shopping Budget! :)

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  1. That is awesome!! I am about to give a ton of clothes to goodwill, so maybe I should try that instead! :)