Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The One About Updated Dorm Room Decor

Baby and I had a very productive day yesterday! We went shopping for her dorm room and we started at Goodwill because we wanted to find an old fixer-uper (cheap) lamp shade to craft. We ended up with much more than we bargained for but was so excited with what we found!

We found some great dishes... not many of them, but they are really nice and she will actually use them!

Some cute mugs, I am a huge fan of a good mug! They make tea, coffee, hot choc, or whatever so much happier!

We also revamped (thanks to Hobby Lobby spray paint and fabric) some of her already goodwill-ed pieces! We sprayed the lamp and vanity and recovered the lamp shade with the fabric and are in the process of stitching little blue beads onto it now. I'm pretty happy with how nice and sweet it all came together :)

I finally finished Middle's bulletin/message board! I am SO happy about how it turned out. Sewing the buttons on took a little while, but they look so much better sewn on rather than just hot glued!

Just another AWESOME summer day!

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  1. This bulletin board looks like something I would make. Love it! Thanks for entering the contest.