Friday, March 19, 2010

Flowers of Spring!

I am loving this new spring weather that has come our way lately! It is beautiful and sunny and all nice warm things!

With spring comes dress shopping! It seems like prom season was not that long ago, but my days of buying formal and semi-formal wear are not over yet! This spring I have the challenge of finding two dresses instead of just one! I have my Junior-Senior and then am going to a Spring formal with Patrick!

Junior-Senior usually includes around a two hour bus ride in a formal dress, so, I chose a classic yet comfortable gown that will not require constant readjusting:

I know its pretty plain jane but I love the color and have a cute gardenia to put back in my hair when its pinned up! :)

Now, the second dress I want to go short with but haven't been able to shop for it yet, so here are some ideas I have found online that I can't wait to try on when I'm home over Easter weekend!

I love the blue of this dress! My favorite part is the bow in the back. I love bows.

Dress option #1 is a Maggy London Sleeveless Silk Dress from Nordstrom.

Another concern I have when dress shopping is that I am 5'3-ish and my body does not handle extravagant dresses with excess fabric well. My concern with this dress is that it might have too full of a skirt.

Dress option #2 is definitely the most trendy of my selections. I love how Tibi can look trendy and modern yet always looks classy and simply cut. This dress is their Strapless Dahlia Silk Dress from Saks. I love this dress but I feel like it might not be formal enough. A lot about this dress will depend on how it looks in person!

Dress option #3 is the choice that looks most similar to my style. Its black and I would love to wear a dress of another color but I love the detailing of this dress! It has a small ruffle around the back and neckline and a ruffled flowery pattern around the hem. This dress is by Max and Cleo, Strapless Taffeta Dress from Dillard's. If it were a different color it would be my fav fav favorite, but I'm really not thinking black is going to work.

Dress option #4 is borrowing this light blue dress (or one similar to it) from a friend. I think its a beautiful dress and it looks great on her, the only question is if it will look great on me too! She has quite a few inches on me so we will see!

Now, I love these dresses but am definitely interested in looking around! I only have Thursday afternoon (before Easter) though so I wanted to get an idea of the looks I like best and what I am looking for!

So, through all of this shopping I have found:
  • Simple
  • with a cute accent e.g. a bow, subtle ruffles, or gathering
  • hitting just above the knee to work with my height
  • a color other than black or white
I miss shopping! I can not wait! For now I will just eat healthy and soak up all of this beautiful spring weather!

Until next time I will be enjoying these awesomely perfect days of early spring! :)

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