Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Kick Off!

Here it goes! I have no idea how to start this journey. I guess an introduction would be appropriate.

I am a college athlete at a small school in rural Tennessee. I was raised for the most part in Atlanta. I am graduating this December and hope to pursue physical therapy after that. I am so excited about everything to come and loving preparing for it right now! I am ready to be out of the small town scene and back to the city, but until then I have begun crafting, sewing, and all sorts of girly fun things!
  • I love getting to know new people and exchanging awesome stories and experiences!
  • Soccer is the sport that helps with tuition but is definitely not the only athletic activity I enjoy! I can not wait to graduate so I can get back into triathlons especially!
  • I am a health nut who loves to experiment in the kitchen!
  • I think the human body is really cool. (yes, I am a nerd)
  • I love doing laundry but can not stand the ironing!

More to come later! I tried to put pictures in but could not figure that out... so we'll see, if nothing else comes from this blog at least I will become more computer literate! :)

Anyways, it has been a long road but due to an AMAZINGLY supportive family and loving Savior I am living a beautifully blessed life!

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  1. Ah Shelby, I'm your first follower:) If you need to know how to do something just go to your dashboard after you sign in, and at the bottom of the page there are tutorials and help links.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck in my drawing. Have fun blogging!