Thursday, March 4, 2010

Futbol anyone?

At this point there is only one class standing between me and spring break! I am so excited!

Earlier today I hosted a poster making tea party in my dorm room! I am a proud member (and treasurer) of the SSTOP club on campus.

For those of you who have not heard of SSTOP the acronym stands for Students Stopping the Trafficking of People. It is an amazing cause to be a part of. If you are at all familiar with the issue of human trafficking I am sure you have heard about how gruesome and ugly it is. After attending conferences, studying rehabilitation centers, and even just watching video about it, my eyes are completely opened and my heart is completely burdened to do all I can to support those who are risking their lives to uncover trafficking rings around the world.

For more information visit

On that note, we have planned an intra and intermural 7vs7 soccer tournament. I am so excited to be a part of the planning of such an awesome event! For very little cost we will be able to spread the word about trafficking, raise money, and provide students with a great time! We have been so blessed to have the support of two campuses and athletic programs.

However, I am quite possibly the least artistic person when it comes to poster making, I am good at coming up with cute ideas but not so great at the cute handwritting and picture drawing. Despite my handicap, we had a very productive night!
I love organized messes :) Overall it was a great night spending quality time with some awesome girls.

I can not wait to go home tomorrow and spend the rest of the week at the beach!


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