Monday, March 29, 2010


Baby Sister and I had a great time this weekend!
We decoupaged some cute things for her room at school next year and just hung out doing nothing together for a lot of the time! :P

Saturday I spent most of the day playing soccer scrimmages. We did not look good and were thoroughly humbled by the teams we played but it was fun to be with the girls again and get to play real games! At the end of the scrimmage my coach was really upset with us for playing so badly. He said that we had wasted our time in coming and that we were terrible. He is SO frustrating! He coaches based on his emotions and does not consider the affect his words have on other people.

When I finally returned back from the games, we went hiking at pocket, which was awesome! It was beautiful outside! Our hiking excursion lasted for just long enough to see some beautiful scenery and to find a nice sunny rock. Middle Sister swore she knew where an awesome rock was... it was a REALLY long walk to her rock! We finally found her favorite spot. It was not really sunny anymore and there wasn't enough room for four people to lay out, but still we had a ton of fun and laughs! :)

After our adventure we were craving something fresh so we went with having some cowboy caviar and tortilla chips for dinner! We threw two cans of ro-tel, two cans of black beans, a bag of frozen corn, three avocados, some scallions, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper together as a make-shift recipe. We forgot the lime, but it still tasted awesome! We sat and watched Sleepless in Seattle as we ate and ate and ate some more!

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