Monday, April 12, 2010

Back at the Beginning

Tonight we will be initiating the new RAs for next year in. I am SO excited for them! They have an awesome year ahead of them! While being and RA has had its perks and I have grown a lot as a person, I am relived my role is ending.

Because our school is so small I have been able to get involved in the girls on my hall's lives and been able to minister to them in ways I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. I have gotten to know other RAs on campus that I otherwise would not have had much contact with, which I have LOVED. It is so cool to see that despite 100 reasons why we should not understand each other or get along, the common goal of living for the Lord and serving others brings us closer than most other relationships.

This has definitely been a year full of growth, but a year I would not trade for anything! :)

Here are some things I will miss most next year:

Rainy afternoons at Chili's for "Girl Time" :)

RA Olympics, where we took gold this year thank you very much :P

Making gingerbread cookies to look like the guys... well, sort of :)

Weekly meetings... occasionally we talked about serious things :P

Beautiful girls at Christmas banquet! :)

Silly impromptu skits where we all end up on the ground laughing :)

Cook outs with LOTS and LOTS of food and even better company :)

Team building initiatives... which we sometimes completed :P

Living and loving with an awesome group of people who want to serve the Lord and do His will above ALL else! :)

We're meeting on the soccer field tonight so who knows what new things are still to come! :)

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