Monday, April 12, 2010

Overcoming Allergies... The Natural Way

Fitness has a great article up on Natural Allergy Relief

I love nutrition especially when it comes to natural alternatives and vegetarian diets. The human body is amazing and capable of so many things if we only give it the nutrients it needs!

I can summarize this article and most others about weight loss and healthy living in two main points:
  1. Drink LOTS and lots of water and then drink more! A doctor I visited recently said that he believes that many of the chronic injuries and illnesses people suffer from can AT LEAST be improved with proper hydration.
  2. Eat a diet as high in raw fruits and vegetables as possible! When cooked, nutrients and WATER are lost, therefore making the veggies especially less nutritious. Also, fruits and veggies are high in fiber which helps in digestive health and boosts metabolism!
There are my two greatest tricks to healthy living! :)

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