Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The One About a Bison Burger

Happy Birthday Mommy! :)

We had a great day, it started with breakfast in bed, included my grandparents flying in for my sister's graduation ceremony tomorrow, and ended with d fabulous dinner at Ted's Montana Grill.

It was my first time at Ted's. I never realized the awesome story behind the restaurant and how eco-friendly everything is. The restaurant chain was started by Ted Turner and is a "classic American Grill featuring fresh, made-from-scratch comfort food within an authentic turn-of-the-century Montana grill atmosphere." All of the meat comes from his ranches. Their trademark is the feature of bison meat on their menu, which is delicious! It is not very different from beef but does have a little bit of a different taste.

As for eco-friendliness, Ted's Montana Grill is a 99% plastic free restaurant. Everything from take-away cups to the straws are biodegradable. The straws are even made from paper! I did not care for the texture of them but love the idea! :P They have so many other earth loving ideas, you should check them out!

Over all it was a pretty good day, I woke up feeling very sick, but slept my fever off for most of the day, and hope to keep fighting whatever it is well! I need my health for the next week!

I hope you try Ted's Montana Grill, it was delicious down home cooking! It is a great place for a casual and simple date and amazing if you are craving a good burger! I also HIGHLY recommend the strawberry shortcake :)

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