Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The One With Another Giveaway! :)

Head over to Pink Preppy Lilly Lover and enter to win this cute cute scarf! :)


  1. LOL... that's exactly what I do! I read other blogs and copy their giveaways :) There is one blogger..."Fried Pink Tomato" that has a blog giveaway section on her sidebar and that's where I found a lot of them...and I ended up doing the sidebar thing too.

  2. Hey Shelby...
    Thank you for the wonderful comment you left me on my blog. Oh, and thank you for being my first follower as well !
    Good to know that this other blog is giving a freebie ~ I'm a freebie fan I must admit . LOL :)

    Del x
    La Mia Vita... ♥