Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The One With A Huge Praise!

As of today I am Outback's newest hostess for the summer!
I have spent the past two summers serving tables there part time, but serving is just too hard on my back, so bring on hostessing!

I will be hostessing part time and volunteering/interning with my physical therapist to get volunteer hours and experience in for grad school applications. I can't believe how soon those applications are coming up.

The GRE is my next academic mountain to conquer. I'm a pretty good standardized test taker, but I do need to prep for it. I have the book, now I just need to actually read it :P

Anyways, HUGE praise that they were able to bring me back on at Outback! SUCH a relief to have at least some income!


I got my L.L. Bean catalog today! So many cute things that I would love. Their lines keep looking more and more j.crewsy with every catalog. I have kept it to my top three-ish most recent loves from L.L. Bean :)
Water Proof Pea Coat in all colors bright and sunny!
Camden Embroidered Totes come in four different patterns and colors! Don't you just love the mini? :)

Their cotton cardigans are so cute! I love the patterns :)

Today was a great day! It just started to rain and is SO peaceful. I am quite content right now.


  1. Congrats!!!!! Oh I have to go look at LL Bean now!

  2. I love that cardigan! Congratulations on your new job! Hope you had a fabulous day!