Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The One About Headbands

I am a big fan of the headband lately! So cute and SO easy! :)

Southern Proper Belle Bands

I love the Belle Bands from Southern Proper, Vicker Leed Headbands from Kiel James Patrick, Tucker Blair makes Custom needlepoint headbands, and of course the Vineyard Vines Headbands!

On top of all of that shopping I found some pretty cute headbands on Etsy (for a fraction of the price)!

Julie's Things is a shop on Etsy that features a bunch of great girly hair accessories! Most items are from Vera Bradley fabrics, which makes them easy to pair with so many outfits! :)

Looking 4 Lilly is another shop on Etsy that focuses mostly on hair things. Kristina has a slew of cute headbands listed and all are in Lilly Pulitzer fabric! :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Hello Shelby :)
    Thank you for the links of the shops. I must admit I'm a big fan of headbands too.. Especially when they are flowery and or have some boho chic style kind of look to it. I'll be definitely buying :)

    Del x
    La Mia Vita... ♥

  2. I am LOVING headbands right now!!! I would spend my entire paycheck on headbands if my husband would let me ;) haha.