Friday, May 7, 2010

The One With Mother's Day Crafting

Getting gifts for my parents has always been difficult but this year it seems especially hard because we are each pretty strapped as far as our budgets go. My sister and I are both collegiate athletes and are unable to work because of that and my youngest sister is a senior in high school and not exactly financially savvy. While we could just ask my dad to get something for us, in my mind that kind of defeats the purpose of doting on our mother. So, for mother's day we are putting together a gift basket with some things bought but most things crafted. So far we have:
We have a busy few days of crafting left. Middle Sister has decided to paint/craft her a personalized ceramic tile trivet, similar to the one below.

From Angela Designs

She is also going to make a set of tile magnets. Similar to these coasters I found in The Salty Peanut's Etsy shop.
My project, as the worst daughter ever, is to finish part of her Christmas present. Terrible, I know. I started in January after I showed my mom the fabric and have completed five of them but still have the last three to go. Right now they look like this:

When they need to look like this:

Lots to do but it will be fun. I know crafts aren't the best gifts but they are all functional and match the kitchen and hopefully they will make her smile and know we love her when she uses them :)

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